Jeff Jarvis formula la pregunta en un artículo de The Guardian del domingo pasado.Y así comienza su respuesta:

"The article is no longer the atomic unit of news. It’s not dead. I didn’t kill it. But in the age of online – of "digital first," as the Guardian defined its strategy this month – we should reconsider the article and its place. No longer do the means of production and distribution of media necessitate boxing the world into neat, squared-off spaces published once a day and well after the fact. Freed of print’s strictures, we are finding many new and sometimes better ways to gather and share information."

» Gran artículo sobre las implicancias que conlleva para periodistas y organizaciones producir contenidos en las aguas del mundo digital (léase blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Impecable. ¡ A no perdérselo !

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(vía Vadim Lavrusik )